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Grab exclusive GBF Clothing Korean design and K-Pop Idol inspired K-Pop hoodies, tees, tank-tops, swimwear, socks, caps, beanies, cell phone covers, mugs, K-Pop Idol Merch and more.

Also watch out for our K-Pop Idol Quest Contests as well as LGBTQ+ Drag Face - Drag Queen Cosplay and Lip Sync - Competitions

We are International experts in supplying Corporate Events Entertainment and Talent Management Supply services; producing shows, events and promotional festivals for International Tourism Boards, Expos, Trade Shows, Hospitality providers and more.

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GottaBeFamous Global On-Line Voice Coaching, Dance, Performance, Presenting & British English Language Skills Academy Programs

Enjoy expert on-line dance, music, performance and voice coaching from some of the most innovative Coaches within the global entertainment industry. Led by Manila's GottaBeFamous Academy CEO, Coach Zen - Center For Pop Qualified Voice Coach, veteran K-Pop performer, NLP Master Practioner / Life Coach, Mental Health Mentor and Zest For Life lead singer / artist.

Come train with us from anywhere in the world. All genres from K-Pop, hip-hop, jazz and rock to classical, metal, soul / RnB and pop. As seen on our Zest For Life You Tube Channel:

Specifically a K-Pop fan? Want to break into the K-Pop Idol scene - making it big in Korea? Now you can train with the best in K-Pop dance and voice coaching. Check out our niche Academy speciality K-Pop Vocal Coaches and K-Pop Dance Coaches - diploma quality, certificated semester length programs available through our members only site here:

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Want to compose, sing, play, record and sell your own song? Grab our fantastic course with in-house Musician, Composer and Arranger - Coach Ace. In just 5 sessions you'll have your track ready to record and our GBF Entertainment label will be standing by ready to promote and sell it for you! We'll even create you some lovely fan merch to go with it!

Book a live on-line session withus any time you like, start your road to fame or improve your existing performance from the comfort of your lounge. Get started today and see your talent take off!

Questions? Just drop us an e-mail: and we'll get right back to you with answers..

GottaBeFamous Coach Zen's You Tube 'Secrets Shots' Series & Podcasts

We love helping you improve your technique. So much so that here's a selection of our voice, performance and dance coaching Podcasts and FREE You Tube 'Secret Shots' series for you to enjoy!

Access the full range as well as all of our You Tube content. Subscribe today to enjoy free updates and performance tips from our Academy Coaches:

You Tube:

Learn from top global experts in their fields. Sing, dance, act, host, model, perform, play and design your way to celebrity stardom with us.

From techniques to help improve your vocal range or tonality to interviews with some of the expert players in K-Pop, Hip Hop, Classical, Blues/Soul, RNB, Dance, EDM, Reggaeton and more.

'Where Stars Are Made' podcasts and 'Secret Shots' You Tube shorts combine well with the GottaBeFamous Zoom on-line voice, dance and performance coaching sessions. To book yours, check out our selection here:

Get started right now - your bright future awaits!

We look forward to singing with you very soon

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Zest For Life - We're Zest For Life - British / Filipina guitar / singing duo. Founder of GottaBeFamous Global Online K-Pop, Voice, Dance, English & Talent Academy. Global motivational speakers, voice, dance, performance, life, & NLP coaching.mentors

Zest For Life Range - Motivational Slogans For Life

Our flagship and namesake range - Zest For Life items all carry positive slogans for living, laughing and loving. Any of these items make perfect gifts or personal buys to remind yourself or those you care about that no matter what 'Lemons' life throws at you life cab still be beautiful! 10% profits from everything we sell go towards funding some amazing causes including support services for Male Survivors of Domestic Abuse, PLHIV, LGBTQ+ communities and those with Mental Health Challenges.

Book us for your events or organisation's seminar Follow our Zest For Life charity work incl music and motivational speaking tours and online concerts on our blog: Watch us perform on our You Tube Channel: or chat with us on Telegram:

For support counseling services please chat with us and

MenCourage Range - Male Survivors of Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse affects EVERY gender identity. Any human has the potential to be abused or become an abuser. 10% of all profits from the MenCourage Range goes towards providing support services and discounted financial legal aid for men desperately struggling to pay for access to legal help due to economically or financially abusive / controling partners.

You can also donate directly to help us help more boys and men escape living in abusive situations or fighting for contact with their children / parents due to abusive partners / care givers:

If you are an abused man, boy or masculine of center identified person - incl LGBTQ+ or know someone who is and needs help please contact us through:

Reddit blog: or our partner counseling / support blog:, or through or Also Telegram instant chat support:

Live Positive Range - Survivors of Borderline PD & Narcissistic Abuse

Great range of motivational slogan merchandise raising self-esteem, awareness & funds for those affected by others with narcicissistic or borderline personality disorders. 10% of all profits from sales go towards powering website support services, Zest For Life fund raising free concerts / speaking events and providing Legal Aid financial crisis loans / grants to those desperately needing legal advice but who cannot afford to pay for these services due to economic / financial control or abuse.

Please consider helping us to continue to provide our free global gigs and concerts to raise awareness and funds for worthy causes including Male Survivors of Domestic Abuse, HIV / AIDS / STIs, LGBTQ+ Issues, Mental Health Matters, Poverty and Racial Inequality by a small donation here: - each month we pick one lucky donor to dedicate one of our performances to. So donate today for your chance to hear your shout out - or one to a loved one - on our You Tube Channel.

See us perform free in our You Tube Channel

Instant chat with us about music, travel, bookings, motivational coaching, vocal coaching, marketing and our charity work on Telegram here: Read our latest news on our Reddit blog: or e-mail us:

LGBTQ+ Positive Pride Range

Find some amazing motivational slogans & awareness raising statements on our colorful range of LGBTQ+ clothing & merchandise. Whether you're LGBTQ+ or an ally, friend or loved one of the LGBTQ+ community your purchase will help make a difference to LGBTQ+ individuals across the world.

10% of all profits go towards funding our LGBTQ+ free fund raising & awareness / visibility concerts & gigs worldwide. In addition to supporting crucial charities supporting LGBTQ+ youth & older adults like the Trevor Project & Open Door London.

Watch our latest LGBTQ+ gigs & motivational speaking tours on our You Tube Channel here:

Follow our LGBTQ+ advocacy & fund raising / awareness news on our blog here:

Laptops / Tablets / Smart Phones / Watches

GottaBeFamous and Zest For Life are proud to be able to bring powerful computing solutions to Filipinos for shipping within the Philippines only at amazing prices.

Our stock and availability changes very fast and alters daily so sometimes your preferred model shown here may no longer be available when you place your order. In those circumstances, rest assured we will endeavor to provide you with a model of a similar specification or higher quality at the same price or alternatively you can request to await a new shipment of your chosen model or refund.

You can also e-mail to check your model is in stock before placing your order or to request a model not currently shown

Coaching Services

Check out our full range of Coaching Services designed to help you live a great life! From Life Coaching to everything else in-between. E-mail us for our complete list: Advanced ESL, Performance & Life Coaching

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Purchase all of ESL Business English Experts NLP / Guided Imagery MP3s for enhanced Business English confidence and success, ESL Business English success and sector specific podcasts, worksheets, games, books, merchandise and more. Subscribe to Mark's ESL Advanced Business English Conversations You Tube Channel:

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Our Mission

We are Zest For Life - Coach Mark and Coach Zen. We came together in 2019 as a British / Filipina acoustic guitar / singing duo, voice coach, mental health advocate, ESL English Coach, motivational speakers and life coaches with a passion to do as much good as we can, wherever we are and whoever we are with, across the world.

Our mission is to spread inspiration, compassion, happiness and positive motivation to all we connect with. To raise awareness of social issues wherever we travel and to help you live a great life. 

Book us to perform or cover your cause / establishment now! Want to sing, speak fluent English or perform like us? It's all possible! Grab yourself voice, performance and ESL English and Confidence coaching sessions with Zest lead singer, Coach Zen and Past Center For Pop and SMAC Vocal Coach and Life Coach, or Coach Mark CEO and Advanced Business English ESL & Confidence Coach of    

For all website order inquiries please e-mail us: or instant chat with us on Telegram:

Watch our talented GottaBeFamous stars in action as they train and pick up pro-vocal tips from Coach Zen via our Zest For Life You Tube Channel: 

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Our core value is we believe all people and talent deserve to shine no matter what. Therefore, we donate a % of our selected merchandise profits to key organisations supporting those living with challenges including people disadvantaged by Social Inequality, Food Poverty, Transgender, HIV/AIDS, STIs, LGBTQ+, BAME, Mental Health and Domestic Abuse related prejudices. 

You can also donate directly here:

Want to know more about our advocacy? Drop us an e-mail or chat with us on Telegram: @zestforlife2020